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I do not understand a word!

The people in your organization achieve the most if you offer them the right conditions. You are aware of that and you know you have the responsibility for it.
But what do you have to offer to those employees who come to The Netherlands for their temporary job? Yes, most colleages here can speak English. But only if they really have to... and if you respect their typical Dutch manners!


Say it in Dutch has developed a series of in-company trainingDutch for expats, mainly focused on an introduction to the Dutch language and Dutch manners. Our goal is to help employees from abroad to quickly find their way at work and beyond.
Say it in Dutch helps your people to feel at home in The Netherlands while they're there. They will achieve their goals more easily, make better contact with their Dutch colleagues and enjoy their stay. Isn't that the most valuable condition for every employee?


Conversation and spoken language are the main thing in our courses. The small-scale and friendly approach proves to be effective. Whether you prefer a one-off 60-minute session or an elaborate intensive course, our courses are always tailor-made for our clients, and designed to give them the best results.

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Ah, now I understand!


We can provide tailor-made language programs within your company. These can be in the form of private lessons or lessons in small groups (a maximum of 6 participants per group)

You can start any time.

Each program is designed specificly for our customers. Beginners courses help to understand the basics in speech. Courses for more advanced learners can have specific topics or themes.

Our teacher will come to your location in The Netherlands and lessons wil be either individually or in small groups of 3-6 people. The duration of a lesson varies from 30 to 120 minutes, depending on your wishes.

Below you'll find some general examples. Of course we offer all kinds of other options.

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Three Greeks in Groningen

Consultants Dimitri, Cathy and George from an IT-company in Greece have a six months contract in Groningen. They don't speak any Dutch.
Though they can communicate in English with their Dutch colleages very well, they would prefer to also understand what their discuss among eachother. They also think it is polite to greet in Dutch, introduce themselves, thank people and reply in a friendly way in the business restaurant.In Dutch.

In five lessons of 90 minutes they have achieved their goal: they have made contact with their Dutch colleagues. They experience more cooperation in their project and more information is revealed. They feel more at home in Groningen during their stay. This enhances their enthusiasm at work. They soon become more successful and manage to finish their project much faster than expected.


Some examples

1: One-off 60 minute session
2: Quick tutorial
3: Standard Course
4: Advanced Learners

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See also: European Language Levels (pdf, 29kb)

For whom

International employees working in The Netherlands for a limited period of time and thus do not need a civic integration exam. Say it in Dutch is located in Groningen and offers in-company tutorials preferrably in the Northern areas of the Netherlands. Other parts of the Netherlands can be discussed as well. In our tutorials we will communicate in English and Dutch.

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Groups or individual

Groups are at least 3 people within the same location. For groups of 2 people we will use individual rates. For quick or standard courses maximum participants are 6. Intensive cours groups will be no larger than 3 people.
A one-off 60 minute session can also be arranged for larger groups.

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Experienced teacher

Say it in Dutch has an experienced native Dutch teacher who knows about office and working space environments. Say it in Dutch already made tutorials for consultants, account managers, computer engineers, doctors, technicians and project managers.

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The examples give you some general idea about our fees. Say it in Dutch always sends you a specified bid based upon a conversation about your request, so there won't be any surprises.



Like to know more?

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In Company-tutorials for expats in the Netherlands:

  • Dutch language and culture at work
  • Experienced teaching
  • Compact, practical
  • Conversation and speech
  • Small, informal, tailored
  • Aiming for results
  • Better understanding: better cooperation

Of course you can also have a look at our other courses >>

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